Transparancy and Circle

Compared with the local area, the site is normal and plain, the people cannot define clearly with the local surrounding, and therefore the glass appearance is strongly opposite to the surrounding elevations. Compared with this building, the local surrounding become DARKER and DARKER. However, the glass make the hotel become a quiet and silent space but it can direct people to go to this unique building. Especially during the afternoon, the building will become brighter.

Glass have many potential functions of creating the different atmosphere. There are different types of glass, like forested glass and clear glass. In a building which needs to combine the functional spaces and meditation space together, the glass can play a part for navigating people to go to the right destination. More importantly, frosted glass will be influenced by lights. Therefore, people's activities could be reelected to the glasses. In the afternoon, people’s activity reach its high level and with the time past the activities will slow down. For the ground floor, there are three types of outside curve which could be different levels of activities.

With the curve surface, people can enjoy their time spent in their guest rooms. With the internal curve, people can have a more private access with the hotel.

The inner bridge has two different yards with trees for people. They can enjoy a special environment in this building. In this place, people can not only stay in the guestroom, but also can appreciate the teahouse and yoga room. The linkage of two parts can enhance the feeling of this building.  When people are walking around this space, they are becoming more relaxed and pleased.