The four clusters are compacted with the shift within the cubes. The cluster starts with the vertical circulation and then go thorough each  residential units.

Four clusters have the rule of the three level of courtyard starting from the small courtyards with in residential area. Then the public terraces between each blocks
and the exterior open spaces which can open to public. Therefore, the green spaces are ranging from private to public.

My aim is to create a special place for people enjoying the plants and having a secure places for children.

This is why I combine the outside area and inner courtyard together to generate different level of privacy. There are not only sitting places outside, but also the narrow corridors for feeling the inside small plants.

In the interior I suggest different topics. First of all the inner courtyards for bring in skylight and playing a function of barriers. Secondly, the ground floor can have some communal spaces like gym and rest rooms for residents.  Thirdly, different types of residents can have different types of organization of unis. From small studio to loft. They have more options for living.