Illumination Bridge

During the observation phase of this studio, we found the disconnection between individuals and their environment that we observe urge us to seek the seamless connection between them. This project propose a series of lighting conditions that promotes psychological cognitive and physical well-being thus connect the individuals and the environment seamlessly.


The modular phase of this proposal is to test out the various properties of light in the arctic and to construct a guideline of design prototypes in order to create a mentally and physically healthy environment for people in the arctic to work efficiently in the summer and celebrate their harvest and heritage in the winter.


Using light as a guide line, the deployment phase of this proposal is to provide a base for the north slope borough(NSB) search and rescue department(SAR), helping them operate effectively under any season and weather conditions. By applying the modular design of various bottom openings, snow/ice accumulation and re-arrangement of building materials, this deployment is to build an effective collection of structures that carry the aircraft traffic and maintenance, home for staff and volunteers, spaces for rescuers, a friendly learning environment for the trainees and a welcoming hub for the local residents and the visitors.